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Hookah Diving

If snorkeling is too amateurish and Scuba is a little out of your league, why not meet in the middle and try Hookah? Ramon’s Village Divers is proud to offer this exciting new way to explore the wonders of the sea, without ever leaving the Ramon’s Village Resort dock!

Hookah is scuba diving without the weight of a heavy tank on your back. You wear the same type scuba mask and breathe through the same type mouthpiece, but instead of the heavy tank, you’re connected to the surface with a small flexible airline attached at the other end to an air compressor.

This unique system will allow you to swim underwater freely and without restrictions as long as you stay within range of your airline. Believe us, it’s not restrictive at all and there is an amazing amount of things to see at the end of our dock! We have thousands of fish, sharks, barracuda, moray eels, rays, and a canon and two anchors, which we salvaged from a sunken galleon!

If you have time, let every member of your family give it a try, of course, they will need to be old enough to understand the basic concepts of safe diving.