Bacalar Chico Tour

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If you like adventure, this is it. Hop aboard one of the Ramon’s Village Divers twin-engine skiffs and head north to the Boca Del Rio, turn left, pass under the new bridge and continue into the San Pedro Lagoon. Turn north again and pass by Deer Island, Blackadore Caye and several other small islands on your way to Bacalar Chico Reserve. And just so you know, there’s only one way out of the north end of the lagoon and that’s through the Bacalar Chico Channel. This “channel,” sometimes referred to as a “cut,” was hand dug by the Mayans over 1,500 years ago. If you want to see a real primitive piece of history, go through Bacalar Chico Channel.

But, now for something that will blow your mind. About halfway through the channel, you’ll see a small waterway. Ask your Ramon’s Village Divers guide to take you a short distance down this waterway to one of the most unusual discoveries in modern times-the cenotes of Bacalar Chico. Eleven 15-foot diameter holes penetrate the limestone floor of this secluded body of water and you can see the reflective rays of sunlight penetrating its depths. If you like, you can snorkel above these cenotes for a few minutes to get a closer look before continuing your tour; however, diving into these cenotes is reserved for advanced and professional divers and special arrangements must be made to penetrate this spectacular find.

After your journey through Bacalar Chico Channel is complete, the refreshing ocean breeze once again welcomes you to the vastness of the Caribbean Sea. The Bacalar Chico Reserve is now just minutes away. This area of ocean in front of where you’ll picnic, lies inside the reef and will remind you of a thousand Olympic size swimming pools: clear and calm. Your skipper will anchor the boat and help you safely to the beach where you’ll help gather coconut husks, over which the “catch of the day” will be grilled by your talented Ramon’s Village Divers team. Potato salad, coleslaw, chips, salsa and fresh conch ceviche will be waiting for you when you get hungry. After lunch, hike the “bird” trails and observe the unusual habitat of the numerous species of birds and wildlife that live pampered lives in this remote area of Ambergris Caye. If birdwatching is not for you, then take a nap, journal or take a dip in these crystal clear waters.

After you’re done at Bacalar Chico, your skipper will take you outside the reef for a 12-mile ride southward to the Basil Jones Cut where you’ll enter the protective waters behind the reef. Once back inside, you’ll continue to Mata Chica where you can take one last swim or snorkel before returning to Ramon’s Village Resort.

Trip departs Ramon’s Village dock at 9:00AM and returns at 4:00PM. Requires a minimum of 6 persons or you can pay an additional fee and go with less than the minimum. Bottled water, soft drinks and lunch are included. Requires a $5US Park Fee.