This week we take another look at how some of our wonderful staff are making the most of the COVID-19 lockdown.

The Supervisor of our gift shops, TikiTurtle Trading Company and Ramon’s Village Outfitters, is Adaly Ayuso. She has been with Ramon’s Village 7 years and does an outstanding job. Her mom is an excellent cook, and enjoys cooking traditional Belizean and Mayan dishes, many of which require several hours to prepare. Until now, mother and daughter had never been afforded the opportunity to continue the tradition of passing along her treasured recipes to the next generation.

However, Adaly has taken advantage of this time at home to learn how to prepare her mother¹s recipes, so that one day she may also pass them along to her own daughter.

Pictured here are: tamales and the fire hearth they were cooked on, Journey Cakes (which over time have come to be called Johnny Cakes), and split pea soup with dumplings.

Adaly understands that preserving these recipes and cooking techniques are essential to preserving the rich culture of Belize that is loved by people around the globe. Thank you, Adaly and Mrs. Soila!