Guest Comments

“We had truly fantastic vacation, greatly due to the superb staff and facilities at Ramon’s Village. On the first morning, we were greeted by Ramon himself, which was a treat! The staff and service at Ramon’s Village are truly incredible. We will be back soon!”
Seth B.
“The staff here is excellent, and very helpful. We had a great time while we were here. You all did a wonderful job on the wedding. It was perfect! We will definitely come back again. The setting is beautiful, and the food is excellent!”
“The service is friendly and professional but also with a laid-back feel. It seemed like everyone working there (from the waiters to the dive staff) was in a good mood and genuinely happy to be there!”
“The staff is what makes this place such a ‘Wonderful Experience’… they treat you like family!”
“Best island resort ever! The attention to detail at Ramon’s is spectacular! From the setup in our room when we first walked in (excellent use of local flora in the towels!) to the sweeping of the sand walks there was no detail missed! Everyone on staff was extremely friendly and helpful in every way!”
Joe L.
“Awesome Experience! This was our second time staying at Ramon’s Village. We’ll definately return to stay again. The staff was curtious, friendly, and go way beyond expectations. The dive masters and boat captains are helpful and experienced.”
Mary H.
“Everything was at ease, when it came to the wedding planning/reception/food/rooms & guests. It’s like they knew exactly what I wanted!”
“We have just returned to Houston after an ‘unbelizeable’ trip to your very beautiful Ramon’s Village Resort. We want to compliment the entire staff on just how much they did to make sure that our stay was wonderful… Everyone was so considerate, polite and friendly… The housekeeping staff did a great job as well.”
Patti K.
“Another fantastic thing about Ramon’s Village Resort is its location. San Pedro isn’t a huge place, but it seemed like Ramon’s was right smack in the middle of town because it was a 5-minute walk from there to basically anywhere. When we walked up the beach we noticed another hotel that looked a little swankier than Ramon’s, but it had no beach at all!!! Another friend of ours stayed at another hotel, but we hardly ever saw him because his hotel was much farther removed from the heart of town. Anytime he wanted to meet up with us, he had to take a taxi.”
Jeff S.
“Since I am an early riser, I was aware that every day the beach and the pathways had been raked to remove the fallen leaves and debris. What appeared to everyone each morning was a pristine path and beach.”
Gary S.
“The Honeymoon Suite was a step up from the regular cabanas more spacious with a bar area, our own personal hammock and right on the beach!…we enjoyed the wrap-around veranda while listening to the waves lap the shore. Beautiful!”
“On our first visit to Belize, we stayed at Ramon’s Village. What an outstanding trip! Ramon’s Village is an exotic resort with an absolutely amazing staff. I too am in the vacation industry, and your staff was second to none!”
John N.
“Hi there!! We just wanted to say thank you for making our honeymoon extra special! We just got home yesterday and are already missing Belize so much!”
Darlene F.