Scuba Courses

PADI Scuba Courses

Ramon’s Village Divers currently employs (5) PADI Scuba Instructors and offers courses on a daily basis with no minimum.

Scuba Review – A video review of basic diving physiology, dive tables and skills plus a confined water session with instructor. Approximately two hours to complete. Includes one open water dive.

Scuba Introduction – Experience the underwater world with minimum time and cost. Course includes a twenty minute video describing the fundamentals of scuba diving, a confined water session and one open water dive with an Instructor. At completion you are qualified to dive up to depths of forty feet with any of Ramon’s Village Dive Masters. Approximately half a day to complete.

Scuba Diver – Recently added to PADI’s list of courses, this Scuba Diver course includes the first three modules of the Open Water Manual and two shallow water dives. Upon completion you are a certified to dive anywhere at depths up to forty feet. Approximately two to three days to complete.

Student Referral – Begin your Open Water Scuba Course at home with your Dive Shop and complete your four Open Water Dives with our Instructors in our beautiful Caribbean Waters. Allow two days.

Open Water Course – Five classes cover scuba gear selection and preparation. Underwater life, dive planning, basic oceanography, diving physics and maladies. Includes four open water dives in our warm Caribbean Waters. On completion, you are certified to dive anywhere. Course requires three to four days.

Advanced Open Water – Designed to provide the novice with a structured, well supervised means to gain the practical experience needed after initial certification. This course is not academically oriented, but offers the experience of five specialty dives and training to execute those dives safely. Two core dives are required (Deep and Navigation) and three electives (Night, Fish ID, Naturalist, Drift, Boat Diver, Multilevel or Photography.). Requires approximately two days. (Camera Rentals are additional)

Emergency First Responder – This is a basic training course in CPR and emergency care. This eight hour course can be completed in two, four hour segments. This course provides prerequisites for Scuba Rescue Course.

Rescue Diver – Course is designed to develop necessary knowledge and skills to perform diver rescues, manage diving accident situations and render proper first aid. Prerequisite: Advanced Open Water Diver, fifteen years of age or older, proof of CPR (within three years) or Medic First Aid. Course includes twelve rescue scenarios and multiple choice tests. Rescue Diver is a prerequisite for Dive Master Course. Allow three days to complete.

Master Diver / Specialties – Prerequisites: Current Dive Master or Advanced and Rescue Diver. Master Diver is the highest recreational dive rating available denoting superior achievement and proficiency. Requires completion of five specialty courses. Ramon’s Village offers the following specialties: Fish Identification, Deep Diver, Nitrox, Underwater Naturalist and Night Diver.

  • Fish Identification – This course requires two open water dives with an instructor and can be completed in one day. Course includes tanks, weights, boat and all materials.
  • Deep Dive – This course requires four open water dives with an instructor and takes two days to complete. Course includes tanks, weights, boat and all materials.
  • Nitrox – The Nitrox Specialty does not require any dives. Video Class and Exam; all materials included.
  • Underwater Naturalist – This course requires two open water dives and can be completed in one day. Course includes tanks, weights, boat and all materials.
  • Night Dive – This course requires three Dives to be made at Night. Takes three days to complete. Course includes tanks, weights, boat, and all materials.

PADI E-Learning – PADI offers both the Open Water and Advanced Open Water Courses to be done online. Begin your Scuba course at home and work at your own pace and then complete the water portions of the course with our instructors in our warm Caribbean waters. See PADI Elearning

Ramon’s Village Divers includes scuba gear with the Scuba Intro, Scuba Diver and Open Water courses.